U-Shaped Pregnancy pillow

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This U-Shaped pillow is shaped like the letter U, and elegantly wraps around your body, allowing you to enter the most incredibly comfortable sleeping positions every thought of.

Extra great for pregnant women and men who just ate Chipotle, the U-shaped pillow will perfectly cradle your body so that you stretch out while having support on both sides of your body. Plus, the giant pillow will help eliminate tossing and turning, all while keeping your neck, shoulders, back, and hips all aligned throughout the night.

Perfect for nursing, reading, or watching tv, the U-shaped pillow is filled with a "revolutionary" synthetic material which allows air to flow freely through it. Using this material, the giant pillow will never get flat, get clumpy, nor lumpy.

The U-shaped pillow is made from cotton, and comes in 6 different color

Size: 70 * 130cm

pillowcases fabric: polyester/cotton

Filling:Polyester / Cotton

Feature: Anti-Static, Cooling, Anti-Snore,

Please Note: Due to monitor reasons, there will be a bit difference between display color and actual color, we'd appreciate your understanding!